Do you too suffer from anger problems? Do your children act up all the time? Do you wish you could take your anger out on them? Well worry nomore! With JotunBash you can use your powerful hammer Mjolnir to fucking YEET some annoying jotuns all the way to fucking Hellheim. And don't worry all you wifebeaters. It's not just male Jotuns, there's plenty of females for you to sexually harass and beat the living shit out of**. So now all the blizzard employess can get their fix without hurting any real people :)


JotunBash VR is a small indie project made by the autistic little shits at Specialisterne Denmark. It's a big project for us, and while we are just doing it to get us some experience in game making before going out into the real world, that won't stop us from delivering the best possible experience for any future fuckheads that would play our game :)


But wait, theres more. You can also check out our credits website to support the beautiful retards who made this game :)


*subject to change
**no actual female models as of yet, though we are planning on adding them